We manufacture Party Boats, Work Boats, Pontoon Boat Kits and Docks

Custom Aluminum Pontoon Products

Our team and Northwest Pontoon + Dock has been manufacturing USCG certified aluminum pontoon boats as Cascade Cycleboats since 2013 and has expanded to offer recreational products.  

We manufacture party boats, work boats, pontoon boat kits, single pontoons, and docks in a wide array of lengths, beams and material to suit your needs.   

Our Specialties

Party Boats

By popular demand from our Cycleboat customers, we offer non-pedaling pontoon party boats– all the fun without any of the work.

Our standard sizes are 35ft x 10.5ft (25 passengers) and 25ft x 10ft (16 passengers); however, we can customize up to 49-passenger party boats. These boats are USCG certified as small passenger vessels to be used for-hire to run tours. 

Pontoons and Platforms

 The distinctive square design of our pontoons allows for greater stability and flotation than standard round pontoons. Whereas recreational pontoons typically have a material thickness of .080 – .120, our commercial pontoons are built with .160 – .188 creating a much stronger pontoon. 

We offer single helper pontoons, pairs of pontoons, assembled pontoon platforms with cross-members and decking, or kits for you to assemble. 



We love custom projects and helping clients design unique solutions. One such project was for the Portland Boathouse, a non-profit that helps make the Willamette River accessible to rowing clubs and other organizations. 

They needed a way to get people from shore to their floating docks, but the City would not let them permanently affix a ramp or walkway. We helped them design a floating platform with detachable ramps that can accommodate changing tides and water levels.